Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just a Little Update

Yesterday I mentioned I had listed two new bookmarks. I've been really into bows and most bookmarks new designs have been bows. Here are the two that I made before that aren't listed yet, but will be soon.

The bows a little tilted, because I thought it looked cuter than just plain horizontal or vertical. I know they look a lot a like, but I liked both color combinations so decided to just go for it and make them both.

Then onto the ones that are listed already. This one is a different bow design and is embroidered with glitter thread. I like the black and pink together, because it's both vintage as well as punk looking.

The last bow for today is a nice and bright orange. This one isn't tilted, because I liked it better this way.

A friend of me and my mum came over today and during our chat I had the chance to sketch some portraits and work on my bookmarks. I ended up with another bow, similar to the black design but in different colors and with a button. It'll be up for sale soon too.

I'm glad to have somehow managed to work on both my Etsy and portfolio at the same time.


  1. Aw these are gorgeous, I love the colour of the first one especially

  2. oooh I LOVE the orange & lime green one the best ---makes my heart smile :))


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