Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lovely Series: Underemployed

It's been a cold, busy and exhausting week and I really needed to spend my weekend lying on the sofa watching tv. Thankfully there was an Underemployed weekend marathon. Thank you, MTV!

Ever since the trailer aired I'd been wanting to see this show. But I had only managed to catch one episode. Until this weekend of course, now I finally had my chance to make up for most of what I had missed.

Anyway, I love this show! Yes, there is quite some relationship-drama in it, but it's not -often- too whiny or cliché. Besides, it's also about friends and jobs and finding that one thing you really love to do. All this in a quirky, and often not so glamorous way. It might seem a bit shallow at first glance, but I think they did a pretty good job at showing the issues of twenty-somethings. Sure it is dramatized too, but that helps keep it interesting, right?


  1. Sounds interesting, will have to check it out :)) Happy Monday x

  2. hmm, I'll have to check this out! (after I watch Arrested Development, of course!)

  3. haha, this show looks interesting, indeed! xxo

  4. This looks really great!

  5. I've only seen some small parts of it, but it's pretty cool


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