Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Owl Things Considered

Who would have thought that old computers could be transformed into magnificent owls? Well Richard from strangedaze proves it can be done. Just look at this amazing spirit owl! Quite spectacular, isn't it?

He also made a little bird, which I might love even more, because it looks so colorful and cute!

You can find his sculptures and painting on Etsy. And there are some pretty amazing ones in the sold-section as well.


  1. That's actually so cooooool thanks for sharing!

    Great collaboration of the natural and technology! 8D

  2. That is awesome!, I love the little bird as well, so sweet!

  3. Those are so clever! I'm always so intrigued by the unique creations some people come up with.


  4. These are so beautiful! Love the subject matter and the atmosphere they have.

    Thanks for sharing! owl love! <3

  5. artwork made from recycled electronics, worth more than its weight in gold!


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