Thursday, May 2, 2013

the Sand Cat

Lately I've been discovering all sorts of new animal species. Have you heard of the Sand Cat yet? They're a species of wild cats -unfortunately endangered- and really fierce and elegant looking! Like a bit of a house cat with a twist.

And here's a little video to see them in action. And... with kittens!

Don't you just love the print on their legs? It reminds me of knee high athletic socks. Pretty awesome cats, right?


  1. Yes ! I just discovered the Sand Cat as well! I honestly spent way too long looking at adorable photos of these animals on Google. I couldn't believe i haven't heard of them, especially being an animal lover. So cute!

  2. whoa, first time hearing of them. they look so cute! :)

  3. ahh I've never heard of the sand cat before! Their athletic socks are super cute :)

  4. so sweet, that precious face :))) How anyone would want to do harm to this is beyond my understanding, love the stripes on it too :)) xx

  5. I'll share this in my classroom! Thanks :)


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