Saturday, May 4, 2013


I know it has only just started to get more sunny, but I had to share this cat-eared rain cap with you. It's such a nice spin on an old-fashioned item! And handy too, as rain and wind often go together, but umbrellas and wind do not.

And it looks very cute with the cape on as well. What do you think? Shall we bring this look back?

Since the phrase is "it's raining cats and dogs", I figured I needed to put a dog in this post as well. So here's a cute pug poncho that's bound to make you feel better when the weather is dreary.

Let's hope we won't be needing them any time soon though!


  1. This look needs to come back! Love it! And much more practical than an umbrella when it's windy

  2. Love the first one, that is so sweet :) x

  3. Love the cat ear rain cap! Looks great with the cape, bet it makes rainy days extra fun.


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