Thursday, May 16, 2013


H&M Home seems to get better and better! A while back they released some amazing owls, and now they have all sorts of pretty pastels! One of the items I have my eye on is this adorable cake tray.

It might not be a necessity for my new place, but it would definitely look amazing. And a housewarming party would be a perfect excuse, right?

Don't these make you want to make pretty cakes and cookies and pastries? I bet it could make anything look cute though!

They come in three cute colors: white, blue or pink. And there's a matching tin available as well.
Decisions, decisions...


  1. I like H&M store, these are so sweet. I will have to purchase some sometime. I rarely shop in stores, but these are too cute to miss :)) Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Have the white one, it's lovely! (They were sold out after a few days here, and have only now come back into the online shop.)

  3. I've never really looked at H&M Home before, I really need to I see so many people finding pretty things there.


  4. Oooo, I want one in blue - my fav color! I love H&M!

  5. H&M does homewares?!
    Why have I never seen a H&M Home?
    I feel left out :( Haha.


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