Friday, May 24, 2013

The Popsicle Project

My friend Julia from Hornrimmed Girl has just finished a lovely project! If your current climate is anything like mine, popsicles may be the furthest thing from your mind right now... but I have to admit that even in cold weather, the look of them still makes me smile.

I love how she included lots of different popsicles from lots of different countries. There are some that immediately bring back childhood memories and others I want to try quite desperately.

Like the one below! Doesn't it look delicous? And I love how it's so realistic, yet still clearly an illustration.

So, what do you think? A very yummy project, right? Check this link for more popsicles and for a wallpaper of "the Nogg".

If you're hoping to get a print of this collection of popsicles -or of just one- let us know below. Because Julia is still on the fence about selling these posters on Etsy. But with enough demand, she'll make it happen.

And don't forget to check out Julia's blog for movie reviews, design updates and whatever else is on her mind or camera.


  1. Oh these look so great, hmm makes me crave for popsickles (even though the weather is quite horrid this past few days)

  2. Fantastic! I'd love a poster with the Mickey Mouse popsicles I enjoyed as a child.

  3. Love this! The hand popsicle totally takes me back to my childhood in Argentina :p. I haven't seen one like this in the US.


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