Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final August Break #30+31: in the mail

The final day of the August Break and what a great (mail) day! First I received my sample pack from Amy. And it is lovely! An adorable tissueholder that matches my favorite bags and also looks really cute at home.
And great timing as my cat has just picked up her old habit of chewing plastic again.

Later today the doorbell rang and the postmen brought me this amazing package from Clare! It basically holds everything I love: owls, nail polish, cute chopsticks to make Asian food even better than it already is and chocolate(plus a few other amazing little gifts)! I'm sure you'll see more of these items on the blog soon, for instance when I try the nail polish. However I'm pretty sure the candy will vanish quite quickly and probably won't be able to make another appearance;)

Thank you both for all the lovely goodies!


  1. Like I was saying to Kate over at her blog earlier; I'm finding it very strange seeing something I made in someone else's hands! Lol! I'm glad you like the gift though! :D
    I'm in the process of finishing off a few more items in that fabric to create sets for the shop! The fabric is vintage (so when I've done the sets that's the fabric gone!) and the innards are 100% recycled cotton! :]

    Are those owl socks? They look awesome! I'm liking the bookmark too! Awh, last day of August break :( Looking forward to anything in September?

    xo Amy

  2. i need cute chopsticks :3 and i love the colour of the nail polish :)

  3. Poppets are one of my favourite candies!

  4. Isn't the tissue holder so cute?! i love it :)


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