Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Paintings: Mijn Schatje

Mijn Schatje means "my sweety" in Dutch. The artist is half Dutch, half Spanish, currently resides in Paris and makes some pretty amazing art. This is a picture of the poster I have in my room. I love the print and honestly couldn't picture my room without it anymore.

Her art is very delicate. The pieces are often inspired by fairytales or the sea. It's been a while since she released a new collection, but I really hope she's working on one. Until then, let's just enjoy her previous work, shall we?


  1. just WOOOOOOOW. the sadness in the eyes are riveting.

  2. amazing I love love love these they're so magically pretty! I love art like this it's so surreal.I have been so busy and just finally got a chance to blog read and catch up with your blog! X

  3. Hee, dat masker naast de poster ken ik ;)
    En ik ben net terug van vakantie in Venetie, dus ik heb er weer een paar! Ik neem aan dat je dit pas over een week leest, maar zullen we daarna weer eens wat afspreken? Kunnen we vakantieverhalen uitwisselen enzo :)
    Tot snel!

  4. Look it up: she traces over other people's photographs without permission. That cute little fox was a traced photo taken directly from Pipos, a doll maker.go to look familiar? Just do a search for Mijn Schatje traces BJDs. sorry, I came cross your blog by accident and really felt like I should say something.


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