Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The fun begins!

Today's the day I'm leaving for France. I have no idea if I can blog from there and because of that I scheduled all sorts of posts for when I'm away. Now if I do blog that just means extra updates!

The place I'm going to is heaven on earth. I've been there three times before, though never for photography; every single time it was the highlight of my year. The people are lovely, the food is delicious and everything looks beautiful. I couldn't think of a more photogenic place.

But prior to the course(as well as after) I'm just going to take it as it comes: visit a few cities, catch a couple hotels and hopefully have a lot of fun too.

Updates will follow, either while I'm there or when I'm back. In case I don't see you guys for these coming two weeks: Have a great time! I wish you nice weather and fun plans and can't wait to hear about everything!

Ok, I'm off!

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