Thursday, April 22, 2010


You might recongnize this screenshot from the video assignment I had in art school. It's my pair of H&M Dr.Martens look-a-likes. (I would've taken a decent picture had it not been almost midnight.)

I had seen them in store and always thought they were quite funny, little did I know that I would actually get a pair when they were on sale. So a few weeks later they were mine and I've grown very fond of them. So fond that I might someday go for the real deal.

Only downside is no zippers. I love that my fake ones have them because it's so much quicker.

However the variety in designs might outweigh that, from kick-ass pairs to cute florals. This one appeals to me because I like to wear purple and even have a purple leopard print shirt.

This next one is a design I wouldn't buy, but since they're cool and funny I thought I'd post them anyway.

Playing guitar myself and having gone through a black/pink phase, these caught my eye.

As you know I'm afraid to wear my "good" clothes when I'm painting. The same goes for shoes, so maybe I should get a pair of these.

Like the Dr.Martens designs my own style tends to switch quite often, it's not that I really grow out of phases, it's just that I wear what I feel like. Sometimes a cute dress, sometimes my new studded jeans and sometimes a basic outfit in just one lovely color. But preferably always with a nice pair of comfortable and gorgeous shoes.


  1. Ooooh those look amazing!! :) :D

  2. i totally agree! i have been wanting a pair for SO long! they are sorta expensive tho... im been saving. i think ima go with the simple black ones.. :P

  3. As an art teacher - I have to tell you that a pair of Doc Martens are practically a prerequisite for any creative! I hope you get them!

  4. dr.m 's always in style, it seems. i have a pair similar to your cherry boots.


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