Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pretty Paintings

Lori Early's art definitely fits into the category "realistic, but surrealistic". It looks so real, like you could touch the women in her paintings. But at the same time you would never ever see someone like that just walking down the street.

Again, it's creepy and a bit sad, but gorgeous at the same time.

She's also really good at painting tattoos, which is super hard to do. Not that I've tried it myself. Yet.

Even though her color palets can vary from black to white to bright pink or blue, you will always recognize them as one of hers.

The way she makes up these characters, the flawless perfection and the neverending backgrounds.

I think she's just an all round amazing artist. Ok, her compositions may be a bit simple, even predictable maybe, but that only adds up to the ominous effect.

Let me know what you think.


  1. I really love her works, shes very amazing artist

  2. ahh yes ....I learned about her around two years ago and thought she was pretty phenomenal! Great inspo pick!

    I'm working on a laptop project right now and I'm having readers vote on part of the applique - maybe you can stop by and give me your opinion - I would love it! Also check out my new updated glass portfolio (the post prior)


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