Thursday, April 15, 2010


Every birthday I get a few gifts I know I'll get. Sometimes me and my mom go shopping and it's just easier for her to buy it then instead of waiting and going back later. This year it's nail polish. I had tried one on a promotional store party and loved it, it was Montreal #65 by Herome's World Inspired Colors.

Apart from that I was looking for a mint green or tealish color without any glitter. I know that it's a hot item at the moment, but it's still very hard to find. However back in the store with all the different kinds of nail polish I spotted one, and my mom got me those two colors for my birthday.

I still have to wait till tomorrow to receive them, so I thought it'd be just in time to post them on my wishlist now.


  1. i just think you are so fun. nail polish is kind of the love of my life. okay...that was dramatic of me to say. but i love it.


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