Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Reads

A while back I mentioned that I had ordered "the to-do list" by Mike Gayle. Even though I finished reading it a few weeks ago, I'd love to share my thoughts on it now.

To be perfectly honest I had never heard of Mike Gayle and only saw this book because my favorite online store had it as the special sale of the month. I read the first few pages online and was hooked instantly, so I ordered it and started reading after it came in. It's Mike Gayle's first non-fiction book and even though non-fiction usually carries the stigma of being boring, this has to be one of the funiest true stories around. But also very human.
Mike Gayle had the idea, or more the urge perhaps, to get some things done, so he made a list with 1277 things he had to do within that year.

It was such a good read and also a great source of inspiration if you need to get a little more active yourself. I would have finished it a little earlier had I not wanted to read the complete list before reading the last chapter. Because of that I had put it on hold for a little while. Not for too long though, it's just one of those books that's really hard to put down. I can't wait to read one of his novels.

Have you been making to-do lists or reading any books? I've been quite busy doing both.


  1. I'm so going to look into this! I have a long list to do toO!
    And I did get your email:)) WE should perhaps start a penpal thing and maybe I can be of more practical help to you with pics or something...the main thing is to keep making, creating and unraveling your forms of expression- eventually it will all manifests itself cohesively.

  2. I love his books, this one is on my to read pile!


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