Monday, March 31, 2014

Looking Back on March

March was both fun/hopeful as well as disappointing. I had a nasty cold/flu that lasted quite a while(it still isn't over, completely) and kept me from doing a lot. But I also enjoyed the sunnier spring weather. Anyway, this month:

  • I finally got into contact juggling! It's been a dream for ages.
  • Started my Mixed Shelf posts.
  • Performed my own songs on stage for the first time.
  • Watched a lot of booktuber videos.
  • Had my first ice cream of the year. Yes, it's a tradition with my mom.
  • Made a cute necklace with sea shells.
  • Added some old movies to my dvd collection. Either for free or really cheap!
  • Treated myself on Etsy after almost a year of buying nothing.
  • And caught the blossoms on time this year!

What did you do? Did you get to do anything special now that it's Spring again too?


  1. I'm glad to read that you managed to get on stage and perform! You'll be youtubing next ;-)
    The blossoms have just started appearing on my apple and plum tree - I must remember to take photographs! xo

  2. Haha, possibly!
    And yes, you should:)
    P.S. I was just emailing you as you were commenting here!

  3. You performed your own songs?! That's incredible!

  4. Your month sounds awesome...I know how you feel, it was both a productive and lazy month for me! Way to go on performing your songs live, me and my boyfriend have a mini band but haven't performed yet! And I definitely feel you on not buying clothes for a year. I treated myself to a modcloth spree after like 4 years of frugality.

    Btw, I mentioned your blog in my month in review's blog segment:

  5. Love your photo of the blossoms - they're my favourite! Well done for getting up on stage and singing some of your own songs, what a great accomplishment! Big kudos for that, I struggle to get up and sing karaoke :-p. Lianne x


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