Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plans & Goals: April

April is always an exciting month for me! It means nicer weather, Queen's Day(which technically now is King's Day) and… my birthday! All three of these lead to plan-making of course! So here we go! I would love to:

  • Soak up the sun and this lovely weather as much as possible.
  • Read a graphic novel again.
  • Play another gig and bring some friends to watch.
  • Sell old stuff on Queen's Day...
  • And maybe buy a nice tv-show on dvd.
  • Go see a couple of movies at the cinema.
  • Add some new items to my Etsy shop.
  • Make a new collage or finish the one I was working on.
  • And throw an awesome birthday party in my new apartment!

Do you have any nice plans? Any special occasions this month as well?

1 comment:

  1. Yay it's birthday month for both of us - happy Birthday in advanced!


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