Saturday, March 8, 2014

Average is Beautiful

You're probably aware that it is International Women's Day. I thought that was the perfect day to talk about this new Barbie that is coming out soon! Well, not technically a Barbie because it's launched by a guy named Nickolay Lamm.

Anyway, there have been discussions about whether or not Barbie dolls distort girls' body images. I personally don't have anything against Barbie per se, but I am definitely all for this new doll called Lammily. Hear all about it here:

The Kickstarter goal was made within the first day, but you still have a few weeks to pre-order the first edition. If you have a daughter I think it would make a great gift and if not you might want one for yourself even. They're quite cool!


  1. thanks for your comments and birthday wishes :) I don't think it's necessary to read chocolat before the lollipop shoes. the lollipop shoes stands up on its own. i havn't read chocolat anyhow! though i have seen the film. i think seeing the film is enough!

    i saw this barbie things the other day. i'm not sure about it. i kind of like that barbies are ridiculously unrealisticlly proportioned and bimboish and pretty and sparkly! I don't think I would go for this one...

  2. I'll definitely buy this doll! Thanks for sharing!

  3. finally a realistic doll!


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