Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All Natural: Hugo Naturals

Despite the fact that I haven't been posting about natural skincare lately, I'm still very passionate about it and always try to buy 100% natural stuff. It's very tricky to find a good deodorant though. So every once in a while I go looking.

Which led me to Hugo Naturals. Now I can't say if the Sea Fennel & Passionflower deodorant will really work well, but it sure sounds amazing! It's 100% natural (like everything on the site!) and doesn't even contain alcohol.

I proceeded to check out the rest of their stuff and found some real gems. Like the Shea Butter & Oatmeal lotion above. Or Pineapple Coconut lip balm or Vanilla & Sweet Orange body butter. And loads of lovely soaps to choose from.

Also, they still have some amazing holiday products on sale! Like this amazing gift set with Pumpkin Spice body mist, soap and tinned candle. There's also one in Cranberry & Pomegranate. And they're all available separately too.

Check out their website for lots more! Like essential mists, hair care or baby products. Everything sounds delicious really! Can you tell I'm excited?!

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