Thursday, January 31, 2013


Uniqlo is an amazing store I first discovered in Singapore. Later I found out they had shops in multiple countries(though sadly not mine). Anyway, I spotted this amazing waterproof windproof parka on their website. Isn't it perfect? I love the cut and the color.

It reminds me of the cute coats you sometimes see in the kids' department, yet made into a lovely grown-up version.
And it even folds up and can be kept in a little pouch. So it's very handy too! I'd say it's pretty near to perfect actually.


  1. I love uniqlo, they are THE best for basics x

  2. lovely coat, it's pretty rare to see a coat that fulfills both attractive/practical. though my boyfriend has a uniqlo jumper and the sleeves have stretched out massively--so I'm yet to be convinced by the quality of their stuff!


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