Friday, January 11, 2013

Lovely Movies: the Object of My Affection

Maybe it's because I was born at the start of that decade, maybe I just like the guarantee of a happy ending, either way I have a bit of a soft spot for '90s romantic comedies. And as it seems I'm growing to like Jennifer Aniston, and always seem to love Paul Rudd, I could not resist watching the Object of My Affection.

I loved that it's a bit different. A woman falling in love with her gay best friend isn't one of those storylines that's been done over and over and over again. Sure, it could've been turned into an awful movie. But thankfully it didn't.

It explored a lot those grey areas in life. And it encompassed a lot more than just romantic love. Of course it's mostly about a fine line between friendship and love, but it also shows a lot about the value of friendship -no matter what age or sex- and the way you sometimes have to create your own family.


  1. I bet Phoebe would be pissed if she watched this

    Summer x

  2. Seems like I should watch it!

  3. This is one of my favorite movies ever...


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