Saturday, January 5, 2013


To my surprise the sound of birds is still present this winter. Though some feathery friends have stayed throughout the cold, I can't say the same for other winged creatures. I miss them a bit, so I made a pretty collection of orange and blue monarch butterflies.

I am completely and utterly in love with these shoes. I love the print, the stunning colors and the amazing elegance.

Fused glass can be so mesmerizing and these butterfly wings definitely are.

Quite an afforable accessory for a wedding. But this clip seems wonderful for everyday use too.

I imagine wearing this Luly Yang dress might actually feel like one has just gotten out of a cocoon and turned into a genuine butterfly.

An original and, I assume, incredibly comfortable necklace.

Ever since I first joined Etsy I've been marvelling at this brooch. It's so beautiful! And available in lots of other colors too.

These earrings would look great with a long floral summer dress, don't you think?

This headband is a real eye catcher! I really love the casual placement of the butterflies.

If I ever find myself with extra time to kill, I might have to practise doing these nails.

Another pair of earrings! These are so cute and delicate!

And finally, some lovely fake ones to use for whatever project you choose.


  1. those glittery butterfly earrings are so pretty!

  2. Wonderful collection, Laura! I LOVe that elephant brooch with the wings-ears)

  3. Wow, that first set of earrings are absolutely beautiful! And that elephant/butterfly brooch? Perfection.
    {Em ♥}

  4. Waw, I'm in love with those shoes! And this color scheme is so amazing!

  5. Ah I love butterflies, I love the nails!

  6. What a gorgeous collection of butterflydom! My favourites are the shoes and the dress, stunning!xx

  7. I love butterflies! Haha, that
    butterfly/elephant is funny :P


  8. That dress is amazing. I've always been crazy about everything butterfly-patterned. :)


  9. I must confess that I'm not a big fan of butterflies, but those shoes, yesss! Get' em! :p

  10. love butterflies, those shoes are wonderful x

  11. I'm completely in love with those shoes and that dress! :) x

  12. Everything is so pretty! The brooch is so unique, and those shoes could go with so many outfits.

  13. These shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


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