Monday, January 7, 2013

Plans & Goals: 2013

2012 was a year full of change, but I'm expecting 2013 to top that. I know it will be a busy year, and making a long list of plans will probably make that worse, but I also like to stay focused. So here we go:

  • Move into my new -and very own!- place.
  • Start painting again.
  • Work on a larger stock for Etsy.
  • And start offering subscriptions to monthly bookmarks.
  • Make extremely healthy eating my new routine.
  • Try my hand at baking bread.
  • Make nice things with washi tape.
  • Don't buy any skin care with any chemicals whatsoever. 100% natural as of 2013!
  • Learn to clean up after myself more.
  • Finally do some proper digital drawing.
  • Get back into sewing on a machine.
  • Read at least double the amount of books I read last year.
  • Knit a summer project.
  • Get an ice cream maker.
  • Start a newsletter.
  • Go on a nice vacation.
  • Post more pictures on my blog again.

So what do you have planned?


  1. Hope you achieve your goals!
    For proper digital drawing, you definitely need a Wacom Bamboo pad! <3

    My goals? Finish school, be great & happy at work, go on a proper holiday!

  2. Wow im reading al your posts and i realize that i really love your blog. Do yoy know my blog??? I hope to see you there soon ;)


  3. i like theses :) good luck girlie!
    -deana, from birdsandoxfords

  4. Sounds like a good set of goals :)
    I hope to read much more this year too!

  5. Good luck on your goals! And I wish you a creative and inspiring 2013 :-) I have a few goals for this year as well, and I'll post them on my blog as soon as the exams are over.. (first goal = pass them all!) Looking forward to that!

  6. Oh that's so exciting that you're getting your own place! Nesting and thrifting for my little home is just about my favourite thing to do! I'm also a big fan of natural skincare, organic coconut oil is really fab for skin straight after a shower/bath and also as a scalp/hair mask xxx

  7. I have some goals very similar to yours. Especially the skin care and chemical free makeup goal... google arbonne and see if there is a rep near you. Amazing all natural stuff.


  8. I think your goals are a great mixture of being good to yourself and challenging yourself. I'm excited you're going 100% natural with skincare! Looking forward to hearing more about that. And I'm glad you included taking a nice vacation - very important with all the busy challenges of the year ahead! Good luck with it all and have a wonderful year :) xx


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