Monday, December 19, 2011

Wishlist: Dumbphone

Smartphones are the nr. 1 gadget right now, it looks like the majority has one. Though I have to admit it might come in handy, I also get a bit annoyed sometimes(especially at concerts) because people are constantly stuck to their phones.

So when I heard about the "dumphone" I got very interested.

It's so cute and simple. You only have the necessary buttons and...tah dah... it has a little address book in the back. Also, it comes in pink!

I actually saw one on sale a little while back, but thought it was still a bit too expensive for such a simple item. Besides, you can't text on it and I think that might cause problems when people are trying to reach you. But still...a girl can dream. And maybe one day.


  1. these are so cute! I've never heard of them! I definitely get sick of seeing people glued to their phones...especially when I'm one of them...

  2. Haha I love the concept of a dumbphone! That would suit me, I think!! I'm on the verge of possibly, possibly getting a smartphone but I can't quite bring myself to enter that world... I use an ancient, battered old thing that doesn't even connect to the internet.

  3. I've climbed the cell phone ladder from the ancient to the Smart and I have to say ... when you go Smart there is no going back.

    I LOVE my iPhone and since I am a freelance ASL Interpreter I can get work sent to my phone, use GPS and parking ramp locators among other things.

    I love being able to access email and look up movie theater times/shows and everything else.

    Its also nice to be able to look up blog updates and other points of interest while waiting at the Dr. office ... who wants to touch all those magazines that a zillion sick people touched when I can access the most up-to-date info on my phone.

    I do hate being GLUED to it and will ask my friends when they hang out with me to be PRESENT, if its a lunch meeting keeping the phone out is fine ... if you're at my birthday party, phone out of site. :) Its a balance and some people just aren't good and finding it or always maintaining it :)

  4. They're so cute! Since August I am a smartphone-owner, but I hate that thing...

  5. I really like these!


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