Saturday, December 31, 2011


It being the last day of 2011, it makes sense to look back on the year a bit. And I thought I'd make some lists to show you all the cool stuff that happened this year, both on the blog and in real life. So here we go!


New on the blog:

Special on the blog:



I got really into:
toy cameras --- brooches --- Lush --- Studio Ghibli

I tried my hand at:
making chocolates --- Japanese pottery --- driving a car --- PhotoShop

Links uitlijnen
Author encounters:
met Neil Gaiman --- met David Sedaris --- and James Kennedy left a comment on my blog!

Other excited stuff:
made friends with some amazing people --- launched the "Clickables" --- knit my very first sweater

I didn't really think this was an eventful year at all, but looking back I feel quite proud and happy about it! Though I have the feeling 2012 might even be better...


Also I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog and being so wonderful! I hope we'll continue to do and experience lovely things together in 2012.
Have a happy new year everyone!

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  1. You can be proud of such a great year. May 2012 be even better, especially health-wise!


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