Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Silver Edition

So I've been enjoying the holidays, been sick and been shopping a bit too. I was hoping to catch some post-Christmas sales and I did. And how!
Today I'm showing you some awesome silver stuff I picked up.

I've been wanting a pair of brogues so bad for so long. I went to the store to return a sweater and these caught my eye, they happened to be my size as well. And these brogues really go beyond my wildest dreams. One wish granted!

The day after Christmas I got an email from Lush saying they had 50% off their Christmas stuff. Remember I said I really wanted the "Seasons Greetings"? Well I raced to the store, managed to get that as well as some other awesome stuff, including these:

When I reviewed Bridesmaids I mentioned I really wanted her sweater, right? Well I found one. Not exactly alike, because...drumroll please... mine even has pockets with bows!

So I got 3 things I've been wanting to get for ages but had pretty much given up on ever getting. I'm so excited! I got some more cute stuff I'll show you guys soon and of course I'll do a post on what I got for Christmas.

Have you been to any post-Christmas sales yourself? Picked up anything nice?


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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