Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mini Misty!

A while back I mentioned I was lucky enough to win a custom cat pendant on Jill's blog Dapper Toad. Well... my mini Misty came in the mail today!

Isn't it amazing?!
The packaging was adorable right from the start, the mailer looked cute, then the little box that held my Misty in a teeny tiny little bag. And then of course, the actual pendant. I love it!

It just is her!
That's always the trickiest but most important part of any sort of "portrait", not does it look like the person/animal, but is it the person/animal. And Jill definitely pulled it off.

You can't really see it on this picture though, as my cat isn't really comfortable in front of the camera and always pulls strange faces. (Weird, right?) But I thought I'd post a reminder of what she looks like, and she just happened to crawl into a cabinet today which, any cat owner knows, is always photoworthy.

Be sure to follow Jill's blog. And definitely check out her shop too! Because let's be honest, can you think of any Christmas present that could top a custom kitty necklace? Of course not!

Thanks Jill!


  1. That's excellent! Such a great pendant Jill made, and a terrific photo of Misty in a cupboard!

    Loulou Downtown

  2. oh my word this is so great! I want one!

  3. I have been just *dying* to see how misty would turn out! The pendant is incredible (Misty is adorable)!!! This is absolutely No.1 on my Christmas wish list... I'm not sure my husband is picking up on the unsubtle hints (e.g. sending link to the Etsy listing) however...!

    Every cat owner have one (or more) of these!


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