Monday, December 5, 2011

Plans and Goals: December

  • Keep warm
  • Read a lot
  • Comment as much as I used to on other blogs
  • Send out some exciting things
  • Start knitting a new hat
  • Bake cookies again->microwave cake!
  • Watch more True Blood
  • Go see Breaking Dawn
  • Wrap gifts
  • Just enjoy Christmas
  • Catch some post-Christmas sales
  • Maybe make some resolutions
  • And wrap a few things up before the new year

I can't believe this year is almost over! Can you? What are your plans for this tiny little bit that's left of 2011?


  1. great list! I can't believe the year is over, either. not many plans except to make the most of the opportunities that are presented. 2012 here we come ! : ) xoxo

  2. Yes this year has gone by so fast! I love the list you have, it's a great one! My plans include finishing the semester successfully, making as many christmas gifts as possible, spending time with family, and preparing for the new year!

  3. Your list is perfection. :D This month I'm all about writing down and meeting goals, trying a new thing or two (I really am looking into getting started on embroidery!) and enjoying the season with my lovely wife and our fur and feather babies!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. There's a bit of days left to plan and catch up on the things I've wanted to do this year. Happy December!

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I'd much rather have Lush than B&BW!! There is a Lush 2 hours away that I never go to, but I do love their products, especially skin products.

    I'm spending the rest of my December baking and having wine, I think. And watching TV.

    Mabel Time

  6. Mmmmm, what kind of cookies are you going to make?
    I also plan on staying warm, go ice skating, reading more books, and hopefully making the drive up to the mountains!

    Have a nice December <333
    Mary from

  7. theres still so much I want to do but so little time, eep! I still want to finish a scarf I've been knitting for a friend, read about a ton of books, bake with my mom, spend more time with my sister, blog a bit more.. and all the while work and attend my classes. the days need more hours!


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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