Thursday, February 18, 2010

Owl Things Considered

A few days ago I mentioned I had bought some owl things on Valentine's Day. Well, I took some pictures so you can see them too.

The first thing that cought my eye was this little make up-bag, they had one in orange and red too, but I liked this one a little better.

Turned out I didn't miss the owl-jewelry hype completely, because they had new earrings and rings. I got these and a ring that looks just like it. It was a little too big, but I can wrap something around it to make it fit, or exchange it for another size if one happens to pop up in that store again.

I also got these tiny earrings, they're so cute! I know everything looks about the same, but I had to have it all, besides they were all pretty cheap and I hadn't been shopping in ages.

Speaking of owl jewelry, I've been making a few owl pendants that I'll probably put on Etsy soon. I'm hoping to make some other colors as well.

While I was shopping I also found this adorable little bag. It's perfect for summer when you just want to carry what you really need: ID, sunglasses, phone and a little money. I bet I could even fit a little notebook in it.

I love the little heart detail, it gives it just a little extra something. And I shouldn't forget to mention it has polka dot lining. It's almost too much cuteness on one item!

I'm very pleased with what I got, I also bought a few items of clothing I'd been wanting to have for ages and all on sale. I love to find cute stuff on sale because it makes me so much happier than regular shopping, it feels a little like treasure hunting.

The fun is not over yet! My dad returned from his trip to the US, which means I'll be receiving some cute stuff soon. I asked him to bring a few things from there and he managed to buy some things of that list. He will bring them over soon and I'm very excited to see him and to find out what gifts he brought home.


  1. Wow, I love the little purse and tiny earrings as well as your bag <3

    Cute pendant, I hope to see them on your etsy asap as I want one!

  2. ADORABLE!!!!i want something that has an owl on it.

  3. I love that owl purse! I am glad to have found another owl lover :)


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