Friday, February 19, 2010

101st post

Last night in bed I realised I missed my 100th post, thankfully 101 sounds pretty good too. As if this anniversary wasn't reason enough to celebrate I just had my first sale! The owl bookmark is officially gone, although I'll probably make another one since it was the most "hearted" out of all my items. Maybe even in different colors.

This is how I wrapped it. I said I'd throw in a small blossom pin and I attached it to the front of the giftwrapping. I try to recycle as much as I can while still doing my best to make it look nice. It might even turn out better because you automatically get more creative. I did it all tonight so I could post it tomorrow.

I didn't expect to sell something the way that I did, I was in the chatroom and they have this routine there. Someone starts out as the featured seller, that person gets 5 minutes to talk about their items, if someone buys something s/he becomes the next FS. When nobody buys they usually play trivia to decide who's next, that's the way I got FS first, which led to the selling of my first item! This whole game also led to me buying something on sale from stephcraig's store. Even though I didn't make that much profit this way, what I did get was a cute necklace of course and a featured seller spot on another blog. I'll post about that when it's online.

My dad brought my gifts yesterday evening when I wasn't home. It included a cd, an issue of the low-brow art magazine "Hi Fructose" and stamps! I really wanted some stamps for my packaging and it came just in time to use for my first sale. I asked for border stamps, a "thank you" stamp and owl stamps. He did a great job, just look at those cute owls.


Now onto the exciting stuff for you. I always love to have some sort of announcement on special posts such as these. And I am happy to tell you I will be throwing a giveaway soon, the 111th post to be exact. It will be something I made, but I won't reveal any more today.


  1. the owl is gone? so sad. i knew i should've snatched it up then and there. pls. make more brown... :D

    also, congratulations on your 100th blog post! and, i look forward to your 111th with giveaway hehehee!

  2. wow ~ your dad is so nice (and great taste)! i don't think mine can manage the same! and congrats to your successful sale!


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