Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Etsy Opening

By now you might have thought it would never happen, but I'm proud to announce I'm open for business. I planned to open on the weekend after Christmas, but as you know it got delayed because of creditcard and modeling trouble. I've never thought the whole listing process would take so long, but after working today and yesterday I finally have everything I crocheted on there.

Here are some of the pictures that are on Etsy as well. You might have noticed the mini-Etsy on the left where you can see some more.

After editing all of my pictures I'm so pleased with the result I'm already thinking of changing my banner(which you can now see at my shop too) again. If I feel like it I might do that tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just stick with it for a while.

I have lots to do tomorrow anyway, besides cleaning and tidying on which I seriously fell behind, I'd love to put all my felt items on there. Below is a picture of one of the bookmarks I made. But more on that later.

Since I normally show you guys some art on a Wednesday, this seemed the perfect time to show a close-up of the painting I started in art school. It isn't finished and there's a lot of work left, but it'll give you a small impression. I still have some plans for the shape and the rest that you can't see on here.

Anyway, I'm glad my shop is open. It's such a strange feeling to finally accomplish what I've been working so hard at to achieve. I know there's still some work left and this is just the beginning, but let's just be happy for now.


  1. yay well done :)
    thankyou for your sweet comment!
    Pearl xo

  2. yay! congraguations!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, hope you will visit again :)

  3. Yay, I'm off to favourite your shop now.

  4. Welcome to Etsy! I know what you mean about the listing time... hopefully that will improve soon.

    Thanks for visiting Etsy Interviews!


  5. your store is fantastic -- Congratulations!!


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