Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Since it Valentine's Day (or maybe the day after when you read this) I thought I'd post some owls in love.

These two owls are a couple in Central Park, they both have their own little nook in the same tree. How cute is that?

I love how barn owl's faces are heart-shaped, I think they're the most elegant owls around.

These two made me laugh, they remind me of an elderly couple watching television, the guy yawning and the woman being annoyed.

Don't you just love this owl print? I have no idea who made it, I sadly forgot, but I'm glad I still have the picture. EDIT: Thanks to Shivani from My Owl Barn we now know it's by Kirbee Lawler.

I went shopping and found a load of owl-stuff today, lucky me! I'll show you Tuesday.


  1. cute! i am not a huge fan of birds in general (i know i'm weird) but at the same time, there is just something about owls that is so appealing!

  2. That print is by Kirbee Lawler. I featured it on my blog too.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my illustration! if you would like to see
    more you can find them at
    or you can follow me on facebook here

  4. hello there ~ all these pictures are totally adorable!!!!

  5. Ohhhh, i really love owls! I want one ♥ Of course im following you, and the fourth photo is awesome! :3

  6. Oh, my God,

    So many lovely owl pictures.
    Thank you for sharing them to us.


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