Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feel Good Food

Whether it's for breakfast or for lunch I love eggs and love to try and make new things with them. I already told you I love an egg in a basket, but last week I found something new when I was scanning the fridge for something that would work with eggs on bread. It seemed an odd combination, but I decided to try goats' cheese, not the hard kind, I already knew that was good, but the soft, salty, even a little sour kind. I put some ham on it as well and the result blew my mind, it was so tasty, I didn't even had to add salt or peper. I've made it quite a few times since then and made it as breakfast for my mom today, so she could try it too. It was a great succes and I'm sure we'll enjoy it a lot in the future.

So how did I make it?
First off, you'll need to know how to poach an egg. I found that the easiest way is to:
1. boil water
2. crack the egg in a glas
3. pour the egg in a ladle (pouring it directly from the glass into the water can cause you to get burned by splashing water, believe me, I tried it.)
4. gently pour the egg from the ladle into the water (don't hold the ladle under water, 'cause the egg will stick to the ladle
5. let it simmer for 4 minutes

Now for the rest of the sandwich:

You can use any bread you like really, I've tried a slice, pita bread, ciabatta and they all were delicious. Make sure you bake/toast/heat it so it's done just before the egg is finished.
Then put the goats' cheese on the bread and put the ham or bacon on it and the egg on top. Voila!

Or which is nice too, If you've baked a slice of bread in butter and want to use regular ham instead of bacon, put the egg on before the ham. Then lay the ham on top, flip it and bake it just a few seconds.

Enjoy or in Julia Child's (I still think about that movie every once in a while) words: bon appetit!

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