Friday, December 25, 2009

*Christmas and Resolutions*

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a fabulous time. I spent the whole day cleaning and tidying, but I've been enjoying myself in spite of my allergic reactions to the dust. I guess my new year's resolutions turned out to be more end of year plans. But I'd rather start with a clean house than start with cleaning my house. I have some more resolutions and now might be the right time to share them:

* take every chance I have to be creative.
I've often spent my precious time with other stupid stuff because I thought painting or making jewelry would cause a mess or because I thought I had other things to do that were more important. But they aren't and I learned that lesson the hard way. But now I know I should always take the time to do the things I love.

*don't overthink things or fret about them for to long
I have a tendency to feel guilty about the tiniest things and to be honest it's not doing anybody any good, so I should finally stop doing that for once and for all.

*prioritize and don't leave things for to long
Even though I know I should just clean up my laundry once it's done or things like that, it's easier said than done. I hope 2010's the year I finally act on those thoughts

*keep blogging and making things for my etsy
I guess that one speaks for itself.

*don't be afraid to use my pretty stuff
This goes for notebooks, but also many other things. Yesterday I opened the box I have with all my stuff from Japan and noticed there were a lot of pretty things in there I never dared to use in fear of damaging them, which isn't even relevant, because I take great care of all my stuff and hardly ever break anything. And what good is it when I never see it? So I took some things out and am already enjoying them far more. It was a pretty good wake up call.

Last but not least:
*just have lots of fun!
I plan on making this an awesome year, I'm gonna start my schooling that will help me become an art teacher, I'm looking forward to what I'll learn and all the new people I will meet. I have piles and piles of great books to read and movies that are yet to be seen and I know internet has just shown me a small portion of what is yet to be discovered.

I am ready for the new year and am already inspired, I hope to keep that feeling for a while and stay as motivated as I am right now.

Anyway I hope you are having an amazing Christmas, whether it's on your own, with your cat or with your entire family. Have some delicious dinners, I know I will, and let me know how it was and what your resolutions and plans are for next year.

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