Monday, December 21, 2009

Marvelous music

Last week I introduced you to Emiliana Torrini, this week I'd like you to hear someone who often opens for her at her shows: Lay Low.

Lay Low, aka Lovisa, who bears a striking resemblance to Parminder Nagra is a singer/songwriter with a very unique style. I first heard her song "Please Don't Hate Me" and it's still my favorite song of her's till this day.

She has released two cd's and I got my hands on both in a very weird/"meant to be" kind of way. I was at her show and they only sold the cd above(with the three lovely little owls). Of course I bought it, but I also asked if they had the other one, which happened to have my favorite song on it, they didn't. After the show I was chatting with a friend in the lobby and all of a sudden they had the second cd, so I bought it quickly and when I looked over my shoulder after barely a minute, they only had her second cd again, isn't that weird!? I haven't even listened to the cd I bought first because it's in an envelope, I should open it so I can finally hear it; but I have listened to the cd I so magically acquired.

This was a picture I took at her show opening for Emiliana:

Here's the song so you can finally hear for yourself where all the fuss is about:

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