Friday, December 11, 2009

Lovely Movies

This cute independent film has justly won an oscar and many other awards. I'm sure that "Once" will make a lasting impression on you as well. Apart from being cute, inspiring and bringing back your faith in mankind it is so realistic, nothing, not the the characters, nothing comes across as fake or has that bad Hollywood vibe we come across so often.

The two actors who play the main characters have not only really sung the music, but they've also written it and they're touring under the name "the Swell Season".

They're coming to my favorite venue, but it was already sold out before I could make it to the box office. It's ok, though, it was was a little over my budget anyway and frankly it's already near to impossible to make it to every concert I'd love to see.

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  1. Oh guess what, I'm listening to the Once soundtrack right now! I LOVE the movie, and the music is equally beautiful.
    I would love to see the Swell Season perform live too.


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