Thursday, January 15, 2015


Oh my goodness! I just found the cutest Etsy shop! If you know me at all, you have figured out that I adore fairy tales and have a real weakness for cute jewelry. Well… LaliBlue combined the two in such a gorgeous and unique way!

Not only are the illustrations amazing to begin with, but the way they are incorporated into the (already adorable) wooden necklaces, leads to absolute perfection! There's so much attention to detail, depth and great color palettes.

There are a lot of interesting ones to choose from, but it would be hard to name a favorite! Little Red Riding Hood is incredibly cute, I always adore Alice in Wonderland, but I just love the waves and shape of the Pinocchio necklace...

And if you were to check out the actual LaliBlue website, you'd find even more jewelry! This brooch stood out to me, for instance, because: a) fellow braided brunette b) fellow ukelele/guitar player and c) the most adorable little owl!

But there's lots more, including the pieces below. And that's only from the jewelry part of the shop!

Yes, there are even other items as well! So you should really just check this shop out for yourself. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks!
    Thank you very much for your nice words.
    Nice post.

  2. We can find the cutest, quirkiest things on Etsy (:
    And yes, Vienna has to be one of the safest places to travel alone. After exploring Bratislava in the night time on my own, a city like Vienna felt like Heaven!

  3. Those are amazing!

  4. Oh gosh, these are beautiful! I think the 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Ugly Duckling' pieces are my favourites.

    Also, just returned to the blogging world after a few years out and I'm really happy to have found your blog again!

  5. Really cute stuff! They look really well made, as well.

  6. Wonderful! I love how each pendant tells a story.


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