Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mixed Shelf #21

This post is a few weeks late, but anyway... As an experiment I read a bit of a creepy book. It was definitely an addictive read, but I'm also quite happy to be reading something a lot more mellow and upbeat again now.

Wanting: Perla by Carolina De Robertis
This is a story about a girl from Buenos Aires. Her parents were very much in support of the dictatorship. Then one day a visitor that makes Perla question everything arrives, and it leads to her making some very big changes. Anyway, it sounds like it might be an interesting read. I might have to see if the library has a copy I can read...

Reading: Night Film by Marisha Pessl
Ok, I'll be honest and say that this book kept me up one very stormy night. After a full day of reading (and stopping at the scariest point) my mind kept going back into the story and my thoughts actually sounded like the narrator from the book. Very creepy. Anyway, I prefer Marisha Pessl's first book, but this was good too. Also, it had a very cool app!

Waiting: White Oleander by Janet Fitch
2015 is going to be the year I finally read some Janet Fitch! She only has two books, so I might very well read them both. I already owned her other book, but found White Oleander in a free library book case this summer. It made me so happy, because after seeing the movie years ago, it was already on my wishlist. I think I will read this soon!

How do you deal with creepy/heavy books? Do you enjoy them, or do you prefer lighter reads as well?

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  1. So, what was the creepy book from the experiment? Hehe...
    I saw the movie White Oleandear ten years ago and found the book at a thrift shop shortly after. I lost so much time reading that old tattered paperback in my angsty teen years!


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