Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Gifts!

My mom and I had a lovely little Christmas at my place this year. It was small, but sweet, and we both gave each other some wonderful gifts! I, for instance, received some awesome owls, including this beautiful owl lamp I had asked for.

There was also a gorgeous little purse, that can be hung around your shoulder, or used as a clutch. I love the floral pattern on it, and how the three-dimensional flowers almost make owly ear tufts.

She also surprised me with a handy owl box that opens like a book. Quite the perfect gift for an owl-loving bookwurm!

How did you celebrate the holidays? Did you get any nice Christmas gifts from your family or friends?

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  1. ah such sweet gifts I especially love that bag - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS :) I'm looking forward to sharing my gifts on my blog, I always feel super blessed and it's lovely to see how thoughtful people can be!


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