Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Tea Tag!

Amy from I Am Adorakable tagged me to do this tag… And since I'm a big fan of tea, I was quite exicited to join in!

What was the first kind of tea you ever had?
I honestly don't remember.

Where is the best place to have tea - At home or in a coffee shop?
I think at home, because I have tons to choose from and it's so much cheaper. However, there are some coffee shops I do love because of their great loose teas… so I make an exception every now and then.

Do you prefer hot or cold tea?
Hot, I'm always cold myself, so I can use the extra heat.

When do you drink tea - Morning, afternoon or evening?
All day long. I rarely drink anything else.

What is your go-to tea?
Herbal tea. What kind usually depends on the time of day. I mostly drink ginger, fennel, chamomile or Vata tea.

What is your favourite seasonal tea?
I still fondly remember Celestial Seasons' Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. They only sold it here for one year, but I recall it was amazing! Otherwise, chai.

What do you put in your tea?
Usually nothing, although I like mint tea with honey(which I also use in other teas when I have a cold).

Do you prefer your tea strong or weak?
Weak, except when it's a mild and sweet herbal tea, then I often let it steep a little longer.

How did you get started in the wonderful world of teas?
I just drank a lot of tea and seemed to get more and more excited about new ones I saw in shops.

What kind of tea are you most keen to try?
Amy mentioned almond tea. I did already drink something with nuts in a coffee shop a while back, which was amazing!

What is the worst tea you've ever tasted?
I bought this beautiful looking box of white tea. And though I expected something really light, it turned out to be very bitter and dark.

Do you prefer loose tea or teabags?
Teabags. Though I love the fanciness and ecofriendliness of loose leaves, it's such a hassle if you drink tea all day every day.

Teacup or mug?
Mugs. And I've got tons of them:)

Best night-time tea?
Fennel. Or Marks & Spencer's Chamomille & Lavender.

What is the number one tea you would recommend?
Vata tea! It's an ayurvedic tea, which is supposed to be good for Vata-type people (they believe there are three types of people that should follow different diets), but even if it shouldn't do anything for my health, it still tastes freakin' amazing!

If they're interested in answering these same questions (really, no pressure!), I'd like to tag: SianJenny, FeeMiki and Ariel. And I recommend you check out these lovely ladies if you haven't already!

Also, do you have anything to add? Or any tea you'd recommend me?


  1. Yay!
    Ooooh - Celestial Seasons' Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride sounds awesome! I must hunt this down and try it!
    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable

  2. First of all, those porcupine sweets are absolutely adorable! Last year in January I made up a holiday called porcupine day, those would be great for the next one! This is a cute challenge. Thanks for giving me something to blog about tomorrow, dear! I have got to try Vata Tea, I usually drink yerba mate...

  3. you've got me craving tea now :)


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