Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mixed Shelf #19

I'm trying to finish all my library books before they are due. Thankfully they're all fun, and easy to read. And I didn't notice as I was picking them, but all books are quite magical as well. So I'm sticking with that theme today.

Wanting: Among Others by Jo Walton
A fifteen year-old girl tries to escape some things in her life, she finds solace in books. However, apparently there's quite a lot of magic in her world as well. And her very own mother uses it, though not for good… Anyway, I've heard many wonderful things about this and I'm pretty sure it's exactly my kind of book. Also, fairies! Need I say more?

Reading: Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
Earlier this year I read my first Sarah Addison Allen. When I saw her latest one in the library I got really excited, and without even reading the back, I took it home. So far it's just as good as I was hoping. Not a lot of magic yet, but I'm pretty sure that will show up soon. And although I am looking forward to that, I'm currently not bored in the least.

Waiting: The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
This one has been waiting on my shelf for way too long. But I watched the movie this week and really enjoyed it. The extra dvd interviews made it clear they skipped some events from the actual book. And I look forward to finding out what those are exactly… So I guess that poor paperback won't have to wait much longer till I actually read it.

Are you reading something fun at the moment? Or do you have any magical recommendations?

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  1. I'm reading the the girl who saved the king of Sweden! :) The time traveler's wife is awesome!


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