Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

After yesterday's Christmas Wishlist, I thought it would also be nice to post a cute Gift Guide, to hopefully give you some fun ideas of things to get for your friends or family members. So let's get started!

Twenty Fingers is a shop I've been eyeing for ages, and they have the perfect winter/Christmas brooches! They also make brooches with mittens or socks, but my favorites from the winter collection are these animals.

This set of bowls from Belinism would be cute all year round, but it happens to have some Christmassy colors that make it very fit for the Holidays as well. Not for all budgets, but they sure are beautiful!

Winter is cold -at least, in most places!- and gifts that help keep one warm are quite a good idea. Especially when they're cute. And this hot water cover by ZippityDooDah definitely is. And it's even made from recycled materials!

Though it can be very nice to receive Christmassy gifts, I know certain things are a little too traditional for some people. Maybe they would like this cute santa tote bag by helloDODOshop. It's modern and very cute!

A wonderful gift for owl lovers would be this sterling silver owl pendant from Jewel Be Charmed. I'm pretty smitten with it myself! I love how the back is very detailed too. They're so endearing, these little owls!

I think Wassupbrothers' creatures are perfect in any season, but there are some furry ones that are especially great to cuddle up with at Christmas and during the entire winter, like this amazing Henry the deer!

Lastly, I'd like to show you Anna Wiscombe's wooden Christmas collection. It's absolutely stunning! And perfect for people that prefer a more subtle and natural color palette for their home. These decorations are very sophisticated!

I hope this gave you some nice ideas for Christmas gifts! Or maybe you found something to put on your own wishlist.

Are you busy getting ready for Christmas too, of do you do everything later on in December?

P.S. Perhaps I should also take this opportunity to mention that I have a ton of Christmas items in my own Etsy shop too. So if you need to shop for any bookworms, look no further. (And all designs can also be made as brooches!)

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