Sunday, November 9, 2014

"That's What People Say…"

Most of you have probably heard of the Shake It Off/80s-aerobics mash-up that's going viral right now. I'm usually not very keen on Taylor Swift's music, but I love Shake It Off. Especially after having seen this genius video:

Isn't it amazing how the song and the aerobics routine sync up? I don't even think there was any extra editing done...


  1. That's funny! They're so in time with each other! Great video! I usually don't care for Taylor Swift either but Shake it Off is way too catchy of a song to not enjoy :)

  2. ha! this is so perfect! and i'm in the same boat. not too fond of TSwifty *usually* - but I def like this song!

  3. Oh my, I saw this video this weekend and just died from laughter. I actually watched the whole thing from beginning to end. It's priceless!


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