Thursday, August 9, 2012


I think these backpacks from piperscrossing are really cool! They have a bit of a medieval/fairy-like feel to them. I was drawn to them from the second I saw them.

It's the same concept as your regular drawstring backback, but with a few upgrades. First of all it's a lot sturdier and prettier. And then there's the front pocket! It makes it look so much more elegant and it's very practical as well.

You can find lots of other colors and some other bags on Etsy.


  1. that polkadot one is great! My language course is starting next tuesday - I'd love one of these as a confidence booster (back to school at 34 haha)...

  2. Okay yeah... those are pretty awesome!

  3. Those are fa, I like the bottom one :)) x

  4. Wow those backpacks are really wonderful/unique looking. I especially love the bottom one.

  5. So pretty. What a great idea to have a backpack that actually looks good! In the bus recently I saw a Japanese girl who had sewn lace trims all over hers which also looked lovely.


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