Monday, August 20, 2012

Drumroll Please...

Lots of people entered, but only one of you will receive this lovely owl necklace from Miss Evil Kitty.

Thank you all for joining! And be sure to visit Miss Evil Kitty's wonderful shop. Gabbie's filled it with lots of amazing handmade items,  like these bobby pin mixes. You can even get subscriptions for them!

If you're looking for owl items, you'll definitely succeed! But she also offers loads of pretty earrings, rings and necklaces with flowers in all colors.

Looks great right? And don't worry, the prices are great too, so hop on over there.


  1. Aww, bummed that I didn't win but still stoked for Lucy Black! That's awesome. I love the necklace pictured in the post with the skeleton keys!

    ♥ Em


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