Friday, August 31, 2012

Lovely Movies: Brave

When I saw the trailer for "Brave" I knew I had to see it. It seemed so different from all previous Pixar animations story-wise, but so beautifully made as well.

I got to cross it off my list last weekend and it did not disappoint. What a wonderful movie!

Thankfully the trailer doesn't spoil the surprise this time -well except for a few jokes maybe- , so feel free to watch the whole thing!

Perhaps just as good was the short film they showed up front. Here's a glimpse:

Anyway, I'll end with a piece of advice: sit out all the credits at the end, you'll be rewarded! I was seriously the only one still in the movie theater, so everyone else missed it, but it was a great final surprise!


  1. Ahhh i really want to see this! I still haven't gotten the chance, but it looks fantastic!
    xo Heather

  2. I haven't had the chance to see this yet, either - all my friends are raving about it, and I love Pixar films, so I really have no idea why I haven't seen it yet. I'm glad it didn't disappoint even though it was a little different from other Pixar films thematically!


  3. Just come across your blog! It's so cute :) I really want to go see Brave when I've got the time. Just followed.
    Becky xx

  4. I am such a huge fan of Pixar! I can't wait to see this! I adore your blog xx

  5. Somehow, I managed to catch this in 3D way back in June! I don't even know how the cinema managed to screen it so early lol. But it was great! I loved the scenery and THOSE SCOTTISH ACCENTS. And the music too!

  6. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about this movie! I was planning to see it when it came out but life got busy and I completely forgot, haha now I'm so excited to see it! thanks for reminding me, you have an adorable blog! :)

  7. I saw this too this Monday! Also wrote something on my blog about this. LOVED the movie! <3 I love those scottish accents so much, it sounds so cute! ARRH WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT ON DVD? :D

  8. I went to see Brave and absolutely loved it - such a cute movie with such a kickass Disney princess. Thought it really showed off home beautifully, think I sometimes forget what a gorgeous country we live in. I always love the Pixar shorts!
    Lianne x

  9. Ah- I enjoyed Brave! Not least because I have hair like the main character :-) It was hilarious though, because I went to see it with friends who don't normally watch Pixar, so when the beautiful short started one of them leaned over and said 'is the whole film going to be silent?'. I had to explain. We didn't stay to the end of the credits and am gutted I missed something! Will have to hope they keep the surprise on the DVD!

  10. i love this movie and i'm glad my son did too despite it being a "princess" movie. but what a princess Merida was! loved everything about it. i can't understand why others criticize it so much. it is different from other Pixar works but it has its unique beauty and endearing moments. :)

  11. Oh rubbish. I never wait out the credits, because when I do nothing happens. Wish I had now! I loved Brave. Such a sweet film, had me all teary and happy at the same time xx


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