Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dawanda Design Market -> favorites

Like I said yesterday, there were a lot of very cool shops at the Dawanda Design Market. Unfortunately I couldn't buy all.

Here are some things I really loved, but ended up leaving behind:
  1. I've always admired gemagenta on Etsy and happened to fit this ring(well the darker version of it) perfectly, but I just couldn't justify crossing my budget for it at the time. Perhaps one day!
  2. These owls, and Matroshkas were amazing, but too large to fit in my current place.
  3. Jeonga Choi sold the most amazing hats. If you ever need one for a special occasion, you must pay her a visit.
  4. Somehow I just didn't see the stamps by Stadtwald. Otherwise I probably couldn't have resisted them.
  5. These handmade clothes were constructed beautifully! Stretchy jersey is tough to sew, but the folks at MerryMoustache do a seriously immaculate job. And those collars...those collars!
  6. This owl was the softest one I'd ever seen! It even played an adorable song. Must get one if I ever have a kid.

I was truly impressed by all the great shops! And I really, really hope Dawanda will come to Amsterdam with a similar event some time in the future. If so, I'll be sure to start saving up ahead of time!


  1. Oh, such a lovely post!
    Those pictures are so cute as well <3 Cute blog!


  2. wow, how soft does that owl look! :)
    i do love the gemagenta ring as well! it's a shame you weren't able to get it.

  3. Oh that ring IS amazing. It looks great! I hope you do get it one day!

  4. Love that ring, it's sweet and the little white owl I love too. Have a great weekend x

  5. the ring looks so pretty :)

  6. Lovely owls! And all the shops are so wonderful! I wish i could have been there.

  7. oh these things are absolutely lovely! adore the ring on the first photo and all those owls are cute hehe :-)


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