Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Owl Things Considered

I am typically always cold, which is why I always had microwaveable pillows, including one owl. I don't have a microwave anymore, which is ok, but it does make me miss that warm owl. However PetitiPanda has the solution!

They sell an amazing cover for a hot water bottle! It is adorable and looks so soft. The perfect companion to heat up my cold feet, hands or anything else that feels frozen. They also offer it as a stuffed animal/pillow.

There are also other animal friends, that are probably equally as cute. Like sloths or adorable, but grumpy bunnies.

Speaking of grumpy animals. Yes, there is it… a Grumpy Cat! And PetitiPanda has a bunch to choose from.

So it should be pretty clear that I think this shop rocks! I love how they combine quirkiness with functionality.

Anyway, if you're new to Etsy you can get €5 off your first purchase by using this link or the ones to the items I posted about today, because Etsy is doing a fun promotion. Enjoy!


  1. Aaw, these are very clever! The first snowy owl is so cute! xxx

  2. So cute! :)


  3. Oooh that is so cute (i am always too warm so dont have this problem but that can be a good present ;)

    Love From Paris,

  4. Oh that's so cool!! I didn't know there were more grumpy animals other than grumpy cat!! So cool and sweet!! Definitily going to check them out!! I am a new follower so congrats on your blog and amazing posts!! Please keep in touch!!
    Maria xox

  5. They're all so cute!!!! Grumpy Bunny is my favorite.



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