Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Amazing Art: ilovedoodle

When I came across ilovedoodle on Etsy it looked really familiar. Then I spotted this elephant print and it hit me, Threadless does a lot of ilovedoodle prints on t-shirts, and I was always very much drawn to those designs.

Anyway, the entire shop is filled with the most adorable and clever finds. And a lot of them just make you really excited about life or all warm and fuzzy. I really recommend you check out the entire shop, but here are some of my favorites.

By the way, if you are completely new to Etsy, you can use this link and we'll both get €5 of our purchase.

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  1. I am in serious love with these. I saw the elephant one on Threadless too, I didn't know where it came from though. I really like the girl pulling back the curtain. That is clever.


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