Saturday, June 7, 2014

In the Mail...

As I mentioned in my birthday gift post, there were still some late gifts to arrive, some of which arrived just now! Amy from I Am Adorkable sent me a parcel filled with loveliness! Let's start off with this pretty woodland kitchen set.

I was actually in dire need of a spoon rest, but every time I was in a store it slipped my mind. Amy saved the day! And a barn owl spoon rest? It can't really get any better than that! And I adore the hedgehog and mouse items too.

I really like the style of these illustrations. They're still cute, but also quite grown up and they look good everywhere. The spoon rest will find a permanent spot on my counter, but the others will probably switch between the kitchen and the living room. I'm already envisioning using them for tea time. With cookies of course!

I also got this cute magnet set. The quote is definitely something to live by! Can't wait to use them on my magnetic board. And finally, yet another beautiful and very handy gift, I was sent this adorable owl hook!

Great gifts, aren't they?! I love them all so much and they look amazing in my apartment. Thank you very much, Amy!


  1. You are more than welcome hun! :o)
    There were so many different animals to chose from as well but I definitely needed to get you something with owls on obviously ;o)

  2. Oh these are really adorable and cute! You are so lucky!! :)
    Maria xox


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