Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mixed Shelf #3

I am thoroughly enjoying these book posts! Hope you don't mind I'm still on a magical kick. I just love a bit of magic! What can I say…  it's easier to get in books. Also, the covers tend to be so much prettier than those of regular novels.

Wanting: the Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley
Apart from the fact that -yes, here we go again- this has a most stunning illustration on the cover, I am dying to read this story! I think I'll just go ahead and order it. It's a coming of age story of a girl with magical abilities that has to dress up as a boy in order to work as a folk keeper. There should be magical creatures involved too!

Reading: the Tree Shepherd's Saughter by Gillian Summers
This started out a bit annoying as the main character can whine quite a bit, however, I persevered and within a few pages found myself carried off to the fantasy fair where Keelie is now forced to live with her father because her down-to-earth Californian mother has passed away. It's magical and intriguing, and great so far!

Waiting: Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris by R.L. LaFevers

One of the reasons I haven't started this book yet, is because it's the second in a series of four. Do I think that this really matters when following the story? No. It's a brand new Theodosia mystery and probably doesn't need any explaining of the past. Anyway, stunning hardcover! I got it super cheap and it's still low price today...

What are you reading? Anything good you'd like to share? Or have you read any of the above, perhaps?


  1. i'm enjoying these posts too!
    i've just finished fangirl by rainbow rowell - it's adorable.x

  2. I love your posts on all the different books you find! It gives me ideas on new books to read ;o)
    The Folk Keeper caught my eye the most. I may have to also invest in a copy! xo

  3. I haven't read any of these books, but then again, I'm not such a great reader at all. I'm about to finish The Geography of Bliss, which I really like and I'm currently waiting for the Restaurant of Love Regained to arrive in the mail :p.

    Have a fun week, Laura! ;)

  4. Woah, I love the Faire Folk Trilogy. I posted a review of it on my old blog (I thought it migrated to my new one, but I guess not...) Wood you be so kind as to check it out? It'd be like a book club!


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